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IMS (Intelligent Modular Synchronization)

Meinberg's IMS Series (Intelligent Modular Synchronization) offers built-in redundancy for synchronization sources, power supplies and cooling in combination with highly modular slot based chassis, which supports hot-swapping and field-expansion capabilities.

The design of our IMS enclosures allows to use up to four power supplies (both AC and DC variants can be mixed and matched), two time code receivers in combination with a signal switch module, a CPU board and up to ten I/O slots.

Rackmount Systems

Versatile and Modular Solution for Time and Frequency Synchronization Application in 19 inch housing
The new LANTIME IMS series is a field-upgradable and extremely flexible system that covers your synchronization needs - today and in the future.

An IMS base chassis includes a power supply, a receiver unit, a management and NTP server module (LAN-CPU) and additional slots for input and output modules.

  • LANTIME IMS - M1000: four slots for expansion cards
  • LANTIME IMS - M3000: ten slots for expansion cards

Redundant power and receiver solutions are possible for the following models of our IMS series:

  • LANTIME IMS - M1000: two power supplies and two receivers
  • LANTIME IMS - M3000: up to four power supplies and two receivers