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IRIG, 1PPS, 10MHz Input Card
If an application requires to use external synchronization sources instead of radio/GNSS signals, an MRI card enables the installed clock module to synchronize to 1PPS, 10MHz, DCLS and AM time codes (IRIG B, AFNOR, IEEE1344 or C37.118).


2.048MHz, 2.048MBit/s, 1PPS and Variable Frequency Input Card
ESI - Extended Reference Input
The ESI (External Synchronization Input) card is capable of adding additional synchronization sources to an IMS system. It accepts E1 and T1 sources, both as a Bitstream (2.048MBit/s/1.544Mbit/s, supporting SSM/BOC) or Frequency (2.048MHz/1.544MHz).
It also handles a configurable frequency (1 kHz - 10 MHz) and a 1PPS pulse synchronization source, if required. An ESI card is, as the MRI card, dedicated to one specific clock module (depending on the slot it is installed in) and can be installed in both ESI as well as MRI slots.


Frequency Deviation Monitor for 50/60Hz power line networks
The module FDM180 was designed to calculate and monitor the frequency and its deviation in 50/60Hz power line networks.