Overview Hawke ControlEX Connector

The ControlEx range, suitable for control and low/medium power applications, it’s our most versatile option. With a wide range of insert configurations and rated up to 3KV in some cases this connector allows Hawke to tailor a connector solution to the customer’s needs. The robust stainless steel body can hold up to 60 contacts and will accept conductor sizes ranging between 0.5mm² and 35mm², operating up to 125A and 750V.


  • Easily Fieldwireable - Pin and socket inserts are front and back to assist wiring and avoid termination errors.; Internal Keyway Spacer - Eases accessibility for termination
  • Locking Pin - Optional locking pin provides the facility for mated connectors to be permanently locked; Keying Position - Eliminates the possibility of misconnection of adjacent circuits.
  • Running Coupler - Allows the connector to be installed onto a pre-assembled cable gland.
  • Acme Thread at Mating Interface - Unique ACME thread offers a smooth and quick fully mating action.
  • Fully Inspectable Flameproof Barrier - Provides direct inspection of the flameproof seal
  • Anti-Rotation Device - helps to eliminate the possibility of the gland loosening
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