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Overview InstrumEX Connector
by Hawke


The InstrumEx design allows the live mate and de-mating of signal and low power in hazardous areas safely and quickly. This connector is available in 4, 8 and 9 way configurations , up to 2.5mm contacts and allows for a maximum of 250V, 10A. Made from brass nickel plated or stainless steel material it includes an integral cable glands which not only make the connector smaller it also allows it to be cheaper than its competitors while still maintaining the durability required in hazardous area applications.

  • Pre-Terminated; Electrical Insert With Key - Easy to assemble electrical insert allows crimped or soldered connections
  • Integral Keying - Machined key and keyway ensures connector alignment. Unique 5 position insert keying system prevents cross-mating
  • Quick Connect - Unique 4 start ACME thread offers a smooth and quick fully mating action in less than two turns. Earth continuity is achieved via a 360° contact clip
  • Keyed Positions - Secondary keying on the actual insert bodies guarantees contact alignment, preventing pin damage
  • Anti-rotation - Profiled Spigot and connector body prevent cable rotation, eliminating cable damage.

Hawke InstrumEx datasheet