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Exd/e Barrier 753

by Hawke

The 753 cable gland provides 2 independent seals for use with braid armoured marine shipboard jacketed or non-jacketed cable. The first is a flameproof barrier (compound) seal around each individual core, with an additional IP seal on the outer sheath. The cable gland is certified for Explosion Proof / IECEx and ATEX Approved Flameproof Exd / Increased Safety Exe and Restricted Breathing ExnR.

  • Provides a barrier seal between the individual insulated conductors within the cable and prevents entry of the products of an explosion into the cable.
  • Assembly of the cable gland/connector compresses and distributes the compound evenly to effect a barrier seal at the point of entry into the enclosure.
  • Provides an outer deluge seal to prevent moisture ingress to the cable armour and enclosure.
  • Deluge seal is coloured red to indicate hazardous locations product.
  • Provides a cable retention and low smoke and fume, zero halogen seal onto the cables outer jacket.