Analog Double-face Clock NTP 400mm White face, fine line markings

Analog Double-face Clock NTP 400mm

White face, fine line markings

Varenr: 91.272.432

Wall Clocks

Double face clocks for all places
where time must be readable
from either side. Robust metal,
fit everywhere!

¦ cir. 270 mm diameter, depth cir. 110 mm
¦ cir. 320 mm diameter, depth cir. 110 mm
¦ cir. 420 mm diameter, depth cir. 116 mm
very sturdy metal, enamelled white
(RAL 9016). Optionally, at a surcharge,
the case may be enamelled
in metallic colours listed below. As a
special option,
a stainless steel case
(1.4301 X5CrNi 18-10, German trade
name V2A) is available in a matte
brushed finish. Protection grade IP 40
(EN 60 529).

Front glass:
Shock-resistant Plexiglas® XT for
clear visibility.

Choice of sturdy wall or ceiling mounting
brackets. Standard length cir. 150 mm,
enamelled white (RAL 9016). Suspension
from the ceiling by metal ropes or chains
is an option.

Clock types:

¦ Synchronous clock, mains operated 230 V AC/50 Hz
¦ DCF77 RC, battery operated 2 x 1.5 V 1) 2)
¦ DCF77 RC, mains operated 230 V AC 2)
¦ Slave clock, minute pulse 12...60 V
¦ Slave clock, minute/second pulse 12/24 V
¦ Slave clock, minute pulse 12/24 V, synchronous second hand 230 V AC/50 Hz
¦ PEWETA DCFport24
¦ PEWETA AirPort24, battery op. 1.5 V 1)
¦ PEWETA AirPort24, mains op. 230 V AC
¦ Slave clock, NTP synchronisation 3).

High distinction white metal with black
fine-line markings, for easy, doubt-free
reading even over longer distances. Faces
printed according to DIN 41 091.


Black bar-type hour and minute hands, red
second hands.