Meinberg Greenwich Time Signal

Varenr: IMS-GTS
Alt. varenr: 27508
Meinberg Greenwich Time Signal

 The module FDM180 was designed to calculate and monitor the frequency and its deviation in 50/60Hz power line networks.

A preconnected reference is necessary that provides a serial time string and a PPS (pulse per second). The accuracy of the measurements is derived from these signals.The module calculates the frequency as well as the time, based on the mains frequency. The time deviation (TD) is the difference of this calculated time (PLT) to the reference time (REF). This time deviation as well as the frequency itself is sent out via serial interface or is beeing converted to an analog voltage output provided by a DAC.

Input signal10MHz, serial time string (via COM1), PPS 
mains frequency, 70 - 270VAC, 50Hz or 60Hz
InterfaceTwo asynchronous serial RS232 ports, COM0 and COM1
Baudrate: 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200 Baud
Framing: 7N2, 7E1, 7E2, 8N1, 8N2, 8E1, 7O2, 8O1
output and average: once per second 
Output string: The frequency, frequency deviation, reference time, power line time and the time deviation are send out in one of three available formats. The formats are:

F:49.984 FD:-00.016 REF:15:03:30 PLT:15:03:30.368 TD:+00.368[CR][LF]

SHORT FDM String: 
FD:-00.016 TD:+00.368[CR][LF]

AREVA FDM String: 
02315 03 30.368[CR][LF]
024068 15 03 30 [CR][LF]

Resolution of Measurementfrequency: accuracy of the oscillator (10MHz) ±100µHz
time deviation: accuracy of reference (PPS) ±1ms
Analog outputs2 analog outputs for longtime-recording (time deviation and/or frequency deviation),
range: -2.5V ... +2.5V, resolution: 16Bit
Electrical connectors96-pin VG-rail DIN 41612
Power supply+5V DC
Current consumption0.4 A - 1 A (depending on oscillator type)
Board typeEurocard
Board dimensions160mm x 100mm, 1,5mm Epoxy
Ambient temperature0 ... 50°C / 32 ... 122°F
HumidityMax. 85%
WarrantyThree-Year Warranty