Meinberg CON/TTL/FO fiber converter 1x TTL input, 4x fiber MM (ST) output

Meinberg CON/TTL/FO fiber converter

1x TTL input, 4x fiber MM (ST) output

Varenr: CON/TTL/FO-4/HS
Meinberg CON/TTL/FO

The CON/TTL/FO have been designed for the distribution of electrical signals over distances of up
to 2000 meters. The optical ST connectors are linked via an optical G50/125µm or G62.5/125µm multimode fiber
(wave lenght: 850nm). The launchable optical output power is typ. 15µW per output, the minimum optical input
level is 3µW. The elecrical inputs and outputs are provided via female BNC connectors or 9 pin SubD connectors.
If necessary, the output signals of the digital modules can be inverted against the respective input signal by a jumper
inside the aluminium profile housing (71mm x 84mm x 24mm / width x depth x height).
The required supply voltage of 8 - 15V DC is provided by a plug-in power supply (100 - 240VAC) which is included
in the scope of supply. Alternatively, the modules are available for supply voltages of 18 - 72V DC, in this case a
plug-in power supply is not included. Furthermore, the modules are available with a fixing clamp for 35mm DIN
mounting rails.
Fiber optic converter for digital signals up to 10kHz with the following inputs/outputs:
- 1 x TTL input via female BNC connector (e.g. IRIG-B DCLS)
- 4 x 850nm multimode FO output via ST connector
- 1 x power in (8 ... 15VDC / 200mA) via 2pin DFK connector
Built-up in an aluminium profile case (84mm x 24mm x 71mm / width x height x depth).
A plug-in power supply (100 - 240VAC) is included.
Please note that the picture is shows four fiberoptical ports. This product only have one port (ST) 850nm Multimode.