Meinberg ANZ14/NET/DC24 NTP Display 9 - 36 VDC

Meinberg ANZ14/NET/DC24 NTP Display

9 - 36 VDC

Varenr: ANZ14/NET/DC24


 NTP display in an Aluminium profile housing with the following features:

Display Design:
- two row, 14-digit LED display for time, day-of-wek and date  (HH:MM:SS  -  WD DD.MM.YY)
- digit height: 14/13mm
- display color: red
Function Specifications:
- Lock LED for synchronous status
- clock configuration menu (e.g. brightnes) by two push buttons
- free running accuracy: 1 x 10E-5
- integrated NTP client, connection via RJ45 10/100MBit network connection (SNTP)
- integrated DHCP client, configuration via Telnet
- up to three NTP servers can be configured via Telnet
- inquiry period is configurable via Telnet
- displayed time zone is configurable via Telnet (e.g. UTC)
- configuration occurs via Telnet, no access from the front panel
- Dimensions: aluminium profile case (144mm x 72mm x 132mm / width x height x depth) for panel mounting (cutouts of 140mm x 68mm) or free-standing
- integrated power supply 9 - 36 V DC
- RJ45 network connector
- one serial interface output as RS232 and 20mA/current loop (passive) via 9pin D-Sub female connector