Meinberg ANZ14 RS232 Display

19-72V DC

Varenr: ANZ14/DC
Meinberg ANZ14 RS232 Display 19-72V DC


LED display clock in panel-mount housing with the following features:

Display Design:
- 14-digit LED display for  time, date and day-of-week
- digit height: 13/14mm
- display color: red

Function Specifications:
- synchronous status indicator
- variable display brightness
- two front panel push buttons for configuration
- free running accuracy: 1 x 10E-5
- two serial ports as RS232 (bidirectional) or RS422 (COM0: output, COM1: input) via 9pin D-Sub female connectors
- Dimensions: aluminium profile case (144mm x 72mm x 132mm / width x height x depth) for panel mounting (cutouts of 140mm x 68mm) or free-standing
- integrated power supply DC-power supply: 19-72V DC