Meinberg Protocol Simulator MPSv2 licence extension - unlimited

Meinberg Protocol Simulator MPSv2

licence extension - unlimited

Varenr: 00261946

The Meinberg Protocol Simulator allows to simulate a broad selection of time sync nodes such as NTP servers and clients, and PTP Grandmaster Clocks and Slaves.

Meinbergs mbgprotosim enables you to test your network infrastructure by simulating hundreds or thousands of clients in your own NTP/PTP implementation.

  • For testing our simulation software we provide a limited version. You can download the newest version here: 
    mbgprotosim - archive with setup and readme file (ZIP - 6.5MB) 
    Only for DEBIAN 6 and UBUNTU 10.04 or later - 64bit systems!
  • Simulation of network nodes with own MAC and IP addresses
  • Dynamic address resolution via ARP (IPv4) or NDP (IPv6)
  • Supports VLAN simulation with configurable ID and priority
  • NTP: Simulation of servers and/or clients in the network 
    PTP: Simulation of unicast/multicast masters and/or slaves in the network 
    Simulation of large node groups to create load tests 
    Simulate failures of the simulated nodes for configurable durations
  • Comprehensive configuration options for each simulated node 
    Save/load particular group configurations for repetitive tests
  • Propagation delay analysis (slave-to-master/master-to-slave) 
    Detailed analysis of the simulation by statistical records
  • Supports multiple physical network interfaces to distribute the load
  • Draw statistical graphs based on the simulation results during the simulation
  • Simulation of date and leap second


Operating SystemDebian 6 - 64 bit Linux live system (included in delivery). Also usable on other 64 bit Linux distributions.

System Requirements:

  • High performant, USB bootable Simulation Computer
  • 1.6 GHz CPU (dual core)
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 1x or more compatible network interface cards (e.g. Intel EtherExpress 1000, Realtek 8169)
  • compatible Graphics Adapter and monitor (min. resolution 1280 x 1024, recommended 1920 x 1080)

Software License2 year License (24 months) and
  • Software Starter Kit
  • Including support and updates
  • Lifetime License available upon request
Supported Modes
  • NTP Clients (IPv4, IPv6)
  • NTP Servers (IPv4, IPv6)
  • PTPv1 (IEEE 1588-2002)
    - Multicast Slaves (IPv4)
  • PTPv2 (IEEE 1588-2008) 
    - Multicast Slaves (IEEE802.1/Ethernet Layer 2, IPv4, IPv6) 
    - Multicast Masters (IEEE802.1/Ethernet Layer 2, IPv4, IPv6) 
    - Unicast Slaves (IPv4, IPv6) 
    - Unicast Masters (IPv4, IPv6)
  • Selectable PTP options: 
    -Default/Telecom/Power Profiles 
    - E2E and P2P delay measurements 
    - Different Sync/Announce/Delay intervals
  • Number of clients
  • Selection of network interface
  • DSCP/Per-hop behaviour (Default/Expedited/Custom)
  • Simulated MAC and IP address (IPv4/IPv6)
  • MAC resolution type (group-/clientwise)
  • Date simulation and leap second simulation
  • Failure simulation (Time Between Failures & Time To Recover)
  • VLAN simulation (Priority/ID/Strict checking)
  • Propagation delay analysis (Warning threshold in ms)
NTP Parameters
  • Server: Stratum
  • Client:
    • Source port (NTP/Random dynamic)
    • NTP server address
    • NTP polling interval: 
      (standard interval / custom interval / fast sync / load test)
    • Timeout (ms)
PTP Parameters
  • Unicast Master: 
    Profile (Default/Telecom) 
    Subdomain number 
    Send follow-up (One-Step/Two-Step) 

    Priority 1
    Grandmaster Clock Class
    Grandmaster Clock Accuracy
    Grandmaster Clock Variance
    Priority 2 

    UTC Offset 

  • Unicast Slave: 
    Profile (Default/Telecom)
    Subdomain number 
    PTP server address

    Announce message rate (128/s .. 1/128s)
    Sync message rate (128/s .. 1/128s)
    Delay request rate (128/s .. 1/128s)

    UTC offset 

  • Multicast Master: 
    Profile (Default/Power Systems/
    Protocol layer (Layer 2/Layer 3)
    Subdomain number
    Master table size
    Announce receipt timeout
    Send follow-up (One-Step / Two-Step) 

    Priority 1
    Grandmaster clock class
    Grandmaster clock accuracy
    Grandmaster clock variance
    Priority 2

    Announce message rate (128/s .. 1/128s)
    Sync message rate (128/s .. 1/128s)
    Delay request rate (128/s .. 1/128s)
    Delay mechanism (E2E/P2P)
    UTC offset 

  • Multicast Slave: 
    PTP Version (PTPv1/PTPv2)
    Profil (Default/Power Systems/Peer-2-Peer)
    Protocol layer (Layer 2/Layer 3)
    Subdomain number
    Announce receipt timeout
    Master table size
    Delay request rate (128/s .. 1/128s)
    Delay mechanism (E2E/P2P)
    UTC offset