Auteldac 5, 18 button, 0.75m steel cord ATEX/IECEx, Analogue

Auteldac 5, 18 button, 0.75m steel cord

ATEX/IECEx, Analogue

Varenr: 212-02-5028-B00

Auteldac 5

ATEX & IECEx Approved Hazardous Area Telephone

  • Ex II 2 GD & Ex II 2 G ATEX Certified telephone for Gas and Dust
  • Zone 1 & 2, Zone 21 & 22 Compliant models
  • CE (R&TTE Directive 1999/5/EC and ATEX Product Directive 94/9/EC)
  • IECEx certified
  • InMetro Approved for Gas
  • Fully compliant with TBR21 (ES203 021) / TBR38
  • Full keypad with 3 programmable memory buttons, or CB variant
  • Optional removable headset*
  • 90dB sounder (adjustable)
  • Beacon / external sounder actuator
  • Robust and weather resistant: IP66
  • Extended cord length available
  • Auteldac 5 has 2 M20 cable entry gland positions.


General Specifications

Enclosure: Carbon loaded glass-filled polyester (colour: black)

Surface resistance: <109 O

Handset: Conductively coated polycarbonate handset with coiled cord or stainless steel spiral cord. Noise cancelling options. Extended cord lengths available.

Keypad: Weathersealed tactile digital keypad

Hookswitch: Electronic with no mechanical moving parts

Weather Ingress protection: Up to IP66

Ringing: Shrill warble tone >90 dBA @ 1 metre typical. Internal volume control.

Power Supply: Drawn from telephone line

Integral Ring Detector: Contact closure following the ringing cadence, rated at 230Vac, 3A r.m.s.

Isolated hookswitch sensor: Additional contact rated at 230Vac, 150mA r.m.s.

Parallel Terminal Block: Duplicated line terminals allows connection to a parallel device without an additional junction box.

Time Out: Enforces a fixed call maximum time limit to 7 minutes from lifting of the handset. User selectable ON or OFF

Dialling system: LD or DTMF (switchable)

Recall Button: Internally switchable from Earth Loop Recall (600ms pulse) and Timed Break Recall 100ms, 250ms or 600ms.

Certified Operating Temperature: -20° C up to +60° C

Relative Humidity: Up to 95% (non-condensing)

Weight: approx. 3.2 kg

Headset: The headset cord is approximately 820mm long and can extend to approximately 2m. The headset extension lead will allow the operator to use the headset over 6 metres away from the telephone.

Order Information:

Auteldac 5CB blk 320mm n/c, curly cord 212-02-5020-400

Auteldac 5, 18btn blk 320mm n/c, curly cord 212-02-5028-400

Auteldac 5, CB+ headset socket*, curly cord 212-02-5020-410

Auteldac 5, 18btn blk 320mm n/c + headset socket*, curly cord 212-02-5028-410

Auteldac 5 Stainless Steel Cord Auteldac 5, CB blk 745mm n/c, steel cord 212-02-5020-500

Auteldac 5, 18btn blk 745mm n/c, steel cord 212-02-5028-500

Auteldac 5, CB + headset socket*, steel cord 212-02-5020-510

Auteldac 5, 18btn blk 745mm n/c + headset socket*, steel cord 212-02-5028-510

Headset & Plug for Auteldac 5

*Headset & Plug 100-02-0598-001

Extension cord for Headset 610-35-2036-001