Meinberg IMS GPS182 module GPS receiver, HQ oscillator.

Meinberg IMS GPS182 module

GPS receiver, HQ oscillator.

Varenr: IMS-CLK GPS182-HQ
Alt. varenr: 00027232
Clock Modules

GPS Clock  The clock module is the central synchronization element in an IMS system, it carries a highly stable oscillator that is utilized to generate the base synchronization signals which are distributed to all I/O module slots via the backplane. In case of a complete loss of all external synchronization sources, the clock module will enter hold-over mode and allows the output modules to continue to work for a certain amount of time. Each IMS system requires at least one clock module and can be turned into a redundant solution by adding a second clock module and a signal changeover unit such as the RSC.
The available clock modules always come with an integrated receiver for external GNSS/radio signals and accept a large selection of other synchronization sources like pulses, frequencies, time codes and serial time strings when combined with either an MRI or ESI card.
Currently available clock modules:
IMS-GPS180 (Meinberg GPS Receiver)