EMC Windows and Shielding

Optical EMC shielding solutions for electronics displays and windows.

Visible light needs to be transmitted while maintaining conductivity across the aperture. Clarity is an important consideration for display filters. Choosing an emi-shielded filter involves a trade-off between clarity and shielding effectiveness.

Conventional mesh windows offer about 60-70% light transmission and can produce optical distortion patterns, the shielding effectiveness however is high with up to 80dB of attenuation. Mesh is supplied in sheet form or more typically laminated between glass or plastic.

The alternative solution is to use a transparent metallic coated substrate like EMI-ito coated glass and Emi-ito Film. These offer between 55 and 85% light transmission depending on the level of resistance required and will not distort the image on the display. The shielding effectiveness is much lower than metallic mesh windows, with an attenuation of between 5 and 40dB depending on the size of the display and the level of light transmission required.

EmiClare is a an un-conventional mesh specifically designed for optical clarity without compromising shielding effectiveness.

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EMI Mesh

Woven meshes for shielded windows, apertures and displays where an electronic enclosure requires shielding from electromagnetic interference (EMI) or is emitting electromagnetic energy which may cause interference with another system but requires a high level of visible light transmission or image clarity.