Adalit Torch LED L50+ Rechargeable

IP67, Zone 0

Varenr: L50+



Safety cap lamp 
Professional safety cap lamp suitable for use in mining and tunnelling. It has 3 high intensity LEDs and a digital display to know the battery life in hours and minutes.

  • 3 LEDs of 135 lumens each with different light beams
  • LedEngine technology with step light system
  • 2 different burning intensities in order to select in every moment the remaining burning time
  • Battery level indication in hours and minutes by means of a digital display
  • Suitable for wireless communication systems
    (SICS – by ADARO Tecnología)
  • Chargers for 1, 5, 10, 40 or 80 cap lamps
  • Belt fastening clip
  • Easy maintenance


Gruppe 1 Belysning
Gruppe 2 Lommelykt EX
Gruppe 3 Torches
Produsent Adalit