Analog Double-face Clock NTP 400mm

White face, Roman numerals

Varenr: 91.272.412-20-38
Analog Double-face Clock NTP 400mm White face, Roman numerals

Wall Clocks

Double face clocks for all places
where time must be readable
from either side. Robust metal,
fit everywhere!

¦ cir. 270 mm diameter, depth cir. 110 mm
¦ cir. 320 mm diameter, depth cir. 110 mm
¦ cir. 420 mm diameter, depth cir. 116 mm
very sturdy metal, enamelled white
(RAL 9016). Optionally, at a surcharge,
the case may be enamelled
in metallic colours listed below. As a
special option,
a stainless steel case
(1.4301 X5CrNi 18-10, German trade
name V2A) is available in a matte
brushed finish. Protection grade IP 40
(EN 60 529).

Front glass:

Shock-resistant Plexiglas® XT for
clear visibility.

Clock types:
¦ Synchronous clock, mains operated 230 V AC/50 Hz
¦ DCF77 RC, battery operated 2 x 1.5 V 1) 2)
¦ DCF77 RC, mains operated 230 V AC 2)
¦ Slave clock, minute pulse 12...60 V
¦ Slave clock, minute/second pulse 12/24 V
¦ Slave clock, minute pulse 12/24 V, synchronous second hand 230 V AC/50 Hz
¦ PEWETA DCFport24
¦ PEWETA AirPort24, battery op. 1.5 V 1)
¦ PEWETA AirPort24, mains op. 230 V AC
¦ Slave clock, NTP synchronisation 3).

High distinction white metal with black
Arabic numerals, for easy, doubt-free
even over longer distances. Faces
printed according to DIN 41 091.

Black bar-type hour and minute hands, red
second hands.

Includes options:
-20: Case stainless steel V2A, matte brushed
-38: Stainless steel cover V2A for wall or ceiling mounting brackets