Meinberg DOAL DCF77 Optical Antenna Link

Optical link for DCF77 receiver

Varenr: DOAL
Meinberg DOAL DCF77 Optical Antenna Link Optical link for DCF77 receiver
Meinberg DOAL
DCF77 Optical Antenna Link.
The Meinberg DCF77 Optical Antenna Link provides a long-distance connection between a Meinberg DCF77 antenna and a Meinberg DCF77 receiver using a GI50/125µm or GI62.5/125µm multimode optical fiber.
Key Features
large antenna cable distances (up to 2000mtrs.)
no destructive overvoltage via the antenna cable
no unintentional monitoring possible via optical fiber
The DOAL kit consists of DOAL/A and DOAL/R. DOAL/A module is mounted indoors and connects to a Meinberg DCF antenna (AI01, AW02 or AK03) with a short coaxial cable. The DOAL/R module connects to the receiver’s antenna input either directly or with a patch cable. Both modules are linked to each other by a single GI50/125µm or GI62.5/125µm multimode gradient fiber. This Fiber Optic connection provides several advantages:
The DOAL system is suitable for all Meinberg DCF receivers, and can be retrofit to existing Meinberg DCF77 systems. The DOAL/A antenna module requires an external power supply to operate the DCF77 antenna. The DOAL/R receiver module is powered by the DCF receiver and does not require an external power supply.
Type of antenna: Input for a Meinberg DCF77 antenna (77,5 kHz) via coaxial cable
Optical Outputs: ST connector for GI 50/125µm or GI 62,5/125µm gradient fibre,
Wave length: 850nm,
Launchable optical output power: typ. 15µW (into GI 62,5/125µm),
Optical input level: min. 3µW
Physical dimensions
DOAL/A: 44mm x 105mm x 165mm (height x width x depth)
DOAL/R: 25mm x 25mm x 95mm (height x width x depth)
Electrical connectors
Optical ST connector
Female BNC
Power Supply (DOAL/A only)
Power supply
DOAL/A: 100 - 240VAC / 50/60Hz
optional: 18 - 72VDC
power consumption: 5W max.
Form Factor
DOAL/A: black eloxadized aluminium housing, with aluminium front and rear panel
DOAL/R: aluminium HF housing
protection class: IP30
Ambient temperature
-25 ... 65° C
Max. 85%
RoHS-Status of the product:
This product is fully RoHS compliant.