Meinberg AW02 outdoor DCF77 antenna

Inc. mounting brackets

Varenr: AW02
Meinberg AW02 outdoor DCF77 antenna Inc. mounting brackets
Meinberg AW02 Outdoor DCF77 antenna
DCF77 Outdoor Antenna AW02 for all Meinberg DCF77 (AM and PZF type) longwave radio NTP receivers.
Key Features
- Weather Resistant
- Temperature Resistant
- 360° Orientation
- Outdoor Mounting
- Plastic Case
- Incl. brackets for Wall Mounting
For orientation the antenna is rotatable (360 deg). When the antenna cable is more than 300m lenght an antenna amplifier is needed.
Physical dimensions:
245mm x 106mm x 68mm (width x height x depth)
Electrical connectors:
Coaxial cable RG58 for indoor/outdoor mounting ( type-N connector) The cable is available in all lenghts and with the required connectors.
Antenna connector:
Antenna with type-N female connector (RG58 coaxial cable)
Form Factor:
Unbreakable plastic case, specially for outdoor installation (IP56) The rubber sealing protects the electronic, the ferrite rod and the winding against external influence.
Ambient temperature:
-25°C ... +65°C
RoHS-Status of the product:
This product is fully RoHS compliant.