Chalmit Arran 16880 LED 120-277 VAC

-50deg+55deg, IP66, 50/60HZ, 2xM25

Varenr: ARRN/15L/LE/M25
Alt. varenr: 3232433
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Sleek and highly efficient this reliable compact luminaire delivers a uniform photometric distribution and powerful performance of 130,000 maintenance free hours at 25°C . The excellent temperature range of -50°C to +55°C makes Arran a global lighting solution providing high output lighting at extreme temperatures. Offering an easily maintainable driver and LED strip, the Arran provides all the advantages of an LED luminaire with the benefit of extending its serviceable life.

  • Instant on crisp white output.
  • Highly Energy Efficient.
  • Low temperature applications to -50°C.
  • 130,000 maintenance free hours at 25°C.


Product Details


ATEX ClassificationGroup II Category 3 GD; Group II Category 2D
ApplicationZone 2 and 22
MaterialAluminium alloy with epoxy powder finish.
Operating Temparature Range Celcius-50°C to +55°C

Certifications and Compliance

Certified Listed
  • ATEX
  • IEC
Hazardous Rating(s)Zone 2 & 22
Industry Standard(s)
  • EN 60079-10-1
  • EN 60079-10-2
  • EN 60079-14


Teknisk info


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