Chalmit Protecta III Fluorecent 2x36W EM

IP66/67, Ex Zone 1, M25, St. Steel Body

Varenr: PRSE/236/BI/EM-2
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Protecta III Stainless Steel Emergency shares the technical features of the GRP bodied range but provides increased mechanical protection for the toughest of environmental conditions. The durability of the stainless steel Protecta is ensured due to its construction from high grade stainless steel and a polycarbonate diffuser. The product is intended for applications where a risk of mechanical damage or exposure to chemical agents exist.

  • 316 Stainless steel body and clamp bar.
  • Advanced control gear gives 50/60Hz operation, high power correction factor and regulated lamp output that is 20% greater at -20°C.
  • Automatic lamp de-energisation on opening.
  • Resistance to voltage fluctuations.
  • Battery management, monitoring and automatic self test.
  • dc operation.
  • Ability to detect and indicate impending end of emergency lamp life before actual failure.
  • End of life (EOL) protection to IEC 60079-7.
Protecta III Stainless Steel enclosure affords the high degree of ingress protection (IP66) required for use in Zone 1 and Zone 21 hazardous areas. The design provides ease of access to lamps and control gear ensuring that installation and maintenance wIndustriall be completed quickly and efficiently. Click the 'Contact Us' link above to get in touch with us and discuss how the Protecta III Stainless Steel Luminaire range could work for you.


ATEX ClassificationGroup II Category 2 GD
ApplicationZone 1 and 21
Battery TypeInternal 6V Ni-Cad Battery (4 Ah)
Lamp TypeT8 tubular fluorescent.
Light Distribution90 minutes to EN60598-2-22.
MaterialStainless steel body with polycarbonate cover.
Operating Temparature Range Celcius-25°C to +55°C

Certifications and Compliance

CSA File Number2701664
Certified Listed
  • ATEX
  • IEC
  • EAC
  • NEC
Hazardous Rating(s)Zone 1 & 21
Industry Standard(s)
  • EN 60079-10-1
  • EN 60079-10-2
  • EN 60079-14
Teknisk info


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