RadiMation® Automated EMC Software RadiMation® Automated EMC Software RadiMation® Automated EMC Software

RadiMation® Automated EMC Software

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RadiMation® EMC Software
Automated EMC Software

RadiMation® is EMC test software specially made for EMC engineers. With an emphasis ease of use it offers separate modules and open to all equipment brands. The RadiMation® software offers a powerful EMC test suite that adheres to all international EMC standards as well as a wide range of industry specific standards.


Try before you buy

  • View EUT and test data
  • Configure and control devices
  • More information


  • up to 3 bands multiband testing
  • up to 6 GHz calibration and testing
  • GTEM one EUT orientation
  • Large database of device drivers


Traceable Results, backwards compatible

  • up to 100 band multi-band testing
  • up to 120 GHz calibration and testing
  • Supports EUT controllers
  • Antenna & turntable control
  • Automatic report generator
  • 3 x EUT orientations
  • Dedicated Device Driver Development

RadiMation EMC test & measurement software is optimized for (pre)compliant EMC test systems, combining conducted- and radiated emission and immunity testing into one integrated package. Instead of automating one single EMC test, RadiMation allows the user to perform complete EUT (Equipment Under Test) testing. The software is delivered with a database of more than 4500 device drivers for different brand / type of EMC test & measurement equipment. RadiMation provides an easy to use and cost-effective solution for automating (pre)compliant EMC testing applications.

All test modules in RadiMation have the same look and feel. An engineer that is familiar with one module is also directly up to speed with another test module. For each EMC test module all major test settings are either selectable from a pick list or can be numerically entered into the configuration screen. In this way the engineer gets a clear overview of the test parameters settings without the need of any programming skills. As RadiMation is developed in a Microsoft Windows environment it will operate under all currently supported Windows operating systems.

The modular approach of RadiMation allows flexible and cost-effective configuration of the required software functionality that is needed for a specific EMC test setup. The core of the software is included in the USB license (software protection) on which one or more of the following modules can be activated: • Radiated Immunity • Pulsed Immunity (ESD, EFT, Surge and Voltage dips/interrupts) • Conducted Emission • Conducted Immunity • Radiated Emission

Supports all standards
RadiMation supports common industrial EMC test standards in one single software package and even enables the user to define customer specific tests. Currently RadiMation is used at worldwide located companies in the following fields: • Automotive • Telecom • Medical • Consumer Electronics • Accredited Test Labs • Technical University • Aerospace/Military/Aviation • Research & Engineering • Industrial

The RadiMation software is open in three different ways. First, a wide range of EMC test & measurement equipment is supported with user selectable control interface like GPIB, USB, RS-232 or LAN. Secondly, all data that is gathered with RadiMation can be exported into other Microsoft applications and information from external databases, like customer or instrumentation management data, can be imported into RadiMation. In the third place the software is user configurable to a great extent, where all functionality can be made available to everyone or by including several limitation levels. All these points provide the customer with freedom of choice.

High Speed
Performing EMC tests and measurements can be a very time-consuming activity. The RadiMation software has been optimized for speed, but without loss of quality. New EMC tests, mostly based on EMC test standards, can easily be made and configured in RadiMation Pro and stored as Test Set-up File (TSF). Running a test can simply be arranged by opening the applicable TSF file and press ‘RUN’, which speeds up the day to day test work and reduce risks in making test errors.

The RadiMation software includes ‘so-called’ multiband test functionality, enabling the user to configure one test consisting of multiple frequency bands. For RadiMation software, the maximum number of frequency bands is limited to three (3) bands. For each of these three bands, the frequency and test settings as well as the sequence of testing can be configured independently. In this way it is possible to change the modulation before the frequency is changed, thus reducing the time needed for settling the power per frequency point. Apart from this all other parameters can be changed per defined frequency band, like EMI receiver settings, limit lines, used antenna as well as the changing order. The result will be one single test graph showing all combined results of the individual frequency bands.

Supports the Engineer
EMC test engineers are very often highly educated and experienced people. From a motivational point of view, as well as for cost reasons, it is important to free the engineer as much as possible from annoying tasks like: configure EMC tests, EUT monitoring, keeping track of measurement data and waiting time. RadiMation provides functionality covering all these aspects and thus reliefs the test engineer from these tasks.

Backwards compatible
RadiMation software has been around for 25 years and will continuously be improved and extended with new and/or improved functionality. New versions are extensively tested before final release, where special care is taken to guarantee that test files and EUT data from earlier versions of RadiMation can be re-opened and processed. This backwards compatibility feature ensures the protection and possibility to view and/or use of your valuable historic test data.