RadiGen® EMC/RF Signal Generators

RadiGen® EMC/RF Signal Generators

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RadiGen® 2000 Series
The ideal EMC/RF Signal Generator

Fast   Accurate   Monotone

An important component of an EMC immunity test system is the RF signal generator. It produces the modulated or un-modulated RF carrier signal at a certain frequency and signal level. The RadiGen® RF Signal generators are optimized for EMC test purposes in order to perform fast and accurate EMC immunity tests without the need of external modulation. .sources.

Flexible | The RadiGen® EMC/RF signal generator is available in three models; the model RGN2400A covers a frequency range from 9 kHz to 400 MHz. The RGN2006B covers the frequency range from 9 kHz to 6 GHz. These models offer a solution for all conducted and radiated immunity test applications. The generator provides CW, AM, FM and Pulse modulated signals using a digital internal modulator. The pulse on/off times can be individually set between 200 ns and 100 s. Pulse duration/repetition  times can be configured separately offering very flexible pulse modulation settings including Automotive Radar Gated Pulse (ARGP) tests (Ford, GM and PSA).

Accurate and pure signal | The RadiGen® is an EMC/RF signal generator with a frequency error of less than 1 ppm, a modulation frequency accuracy of 0.5% and an output level settling time which is shorter than 1 ms. These figures make it the perfect generator for fast and accurate EMC immunity testing. Due to the fully solid state design of the RadiGen® issues caused by defects to the output attenuator or RF switches are eliminated. Thus allowing variations in the output power level while maintaining a completely monotone signal without any glitches. Also mechanical defects to the output attenuator cannot occur, thereby resulting in a better Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) for the RadiGen®.

Modular system | The RadiGen® signal generator is delivered as a very compact, one slot, plug-in card designed to fit into the modular RadiCentre® system. The RadiGen® plug-in card is compatible with the RadiCentre® two or seven slot systems. The system is muntifunctional and can for example contain a RF signal generator (RadiGen®), one or more different E-field probes (RadiSense®), coaxial switch cards (RadiSwitch®), RF power meters (RadiPower®) and an E-field generator (RadiField®). If needed, even larger EMC test systems can be built by combining multiple RadiCentre® systems, still controlled as one system.

Easy to use | The RadiCentre® systems are “Plug and Play”, which means that every plug-in card is automatically recognised and initialised by the RadiCentre® and immediately ready to use. The user can configure and control the system using USB, LAN* and GPIB* or through the touchscreen*. Software support | The system can be controlled by the RadiMation® integral EMC test and measurement software or by any other EMC measurement software packages using the RadiGen® software command codes.

(*) = only applicable for the 2-slot and 7-slot RadiCentre®