termografikamera for brann og redning

Varenr: FireProX
Seek REVEAL FIREPRO X termografikamera for brann og redning Seek REVEAL FIREPRO X termografikamera for brann og redning Seek REVEAL FIREPRO X termografikamera for brann og redning

Reveal FirePRO

SEEK THERMAL's Reveal FirePRO thermal imaging camera is intended to be firefighter’s personal rescue tool used to evaluate the situation and build plan of action in extreme situations when there is no access to tactical camera. Reveal FirePRO helps searching for victims or fellow firefighters. Reveal FirePRO makes a great overhaul tool to ensures there are no fire hazards left before leaving the scene. Reveal FirePRO is very innovative thermal camera quickly gaining popularity for its high quality and affordable price. We believe every firefighter should have access to this technology to better protect themselves, their crew, the community and property.


  • Firefighter’s affordable personal rescue and situation awareness tool to: evaluate the situation, build plan of action, or search for victims or fellow firefighters
  • Practical personal thermal camera complementing larger, higher-specs and more expensive tactical thermal cameras
  • Three imaging modes designed for different fire scenarios
  • Original design for every riding position
  • Comfortable to use in crawling position and to look under beds, around corners, inspect floors during roof operations and ceilings and above spaces
  • Smallest and lightest firefighting Thermal Imaging Camera available for personal carry
  • Dedicated retractable lanyard attachment accessory available
  • The fastest growing personal firefighting TIC in the world
  • Easy to operate
  • The only 320 x 240 high-resolution TIC below € 1.000
  • Fast Frame 18Hz refresh rate for improved scanning, perception and reaction time
  • Up to 550°C temperature detection range
  • Heat resistant up to 107°C
  • Powerful flashlight with EMERGENCY mode (300 Lumen)
  • IP67 waterproof


  • Increase speed and accuracy of primary search and rescue
  • Improve Firefighter's safety
  • Increase situational awareness and see all crew members
  • Be certain the fire is out when you leave
  • Valuable beyond fire calls: Hazmat, Search & Rescue, Accident Investigation
  • A personal thermal imager that firefighters will actually use