KIS-1 Series Veieceller Zinc / St.Steel

Kapasitet: 100 kN

Varenr: KIS-1
Alt. varenr: 110582
KIS-1 Series Veieceller Zinc / St.Steel Kapasitet: 100 kN

KIS-1 Load Cell/Weigh Module


The KIS-1 load cell has several features that clearly distinguish it from other load cells. It is easy to install and extremely accurate, even when subjected to dynamic process forces and severe environmental conditions. Due to the double cantilever design it can have a floating load point and is not affected by side forces up to 100%. This makes it non sensitive to thermal expansions, vibrations and disturbant side force. All KIS load cells can be ATEX/IECEx/FM/CSA certified for use in explosive atmospheres.

Features :

Capacity range: 50, 100, 200, 300, and 500kN (11.2K, 22.4K, 44.9K, 67.5K, and 112.4Klb)
Simple installation
Moveable load point
Withstands very high lateral forces
Extremely accurate and rugged
ATEX/IECEx/FM/CSA certified for hazardous locations available on request