ES5 - Aktiv høyttaler (ATEX) 25W

EExdIIB - 220/240VAC

Varenr: ES5-120-73EM
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ES5 - 25 Watt ATEX Powered Loudspeaker

The ES Series of powered loudspeakers are rugged, re-entrant loudspeakers for use in Zone 1 hazardous areas. These speakers feature rugged cones and projectors constructed of aluminum. The wiring connections are enclosed in a dust- and moisture-proof compartment. All external suraces are finished with a red powder coat paint. Multiple models of the ES Series speakers are available. The 8 Watt, short horn produces 104dB, the 15 Watt
standard horn produces 107dB and the 25 watt standard horn produces 112dB. The 8W and 15W include gain adjustments to match either 0.8V, 1.5V, 2.7V or 8.0V input signals. ES Series loudspeakers are factory set at 240VAC and installed in the field to operate on 24VDC,
110/120VAC or 220/240VAC. Each unit features integrated 24VDC input voltage.
Mounting is simple with the stainless steel bracket that resists deterioration. Each loudspeaker features dual entry as standard.

All models meet ATEX and CE standards. With a robust and corrosion resistant body, the ES Series of powered loudspeakers are highly recommended for
indoor and outdoor use in hazardous locations such as oil, gas and petrochemical facilities and arduous industrial environments.

  • 25 Watt, 112dB output
  • Stainless steel mounting bracket
  • Interfaces with a wide range of systems
  • Dual cable entries
  • Integrated DC and AC voltages
  • Internally mounted amplifier
  • Compatible with ECHO intercom stations
  • Watertight to IP66/IP67
  • Internal volume adjustment
  • Approved for Zone 1 IIB
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Produsent Federal Signal

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