eFSK (Twin) ATEX Grønn 5842/1

Lys/Lyd enhet for telefon 230VAC

Varenr: 11883314
Alt. varenr: 6440798
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The eFSK 5842/1-EEx II is specifically designed for use as secondary telephone call indicator or signalling device in industrial applications with explosive atmospheres and may be used both indoors and outside. The eFSK 5842/1-EEx II signalling device is suitable for both wall and ceiling mounting.

The signal is emitted loudly by the bell and additioned by the built-in strobe light. For this the strobe light is operated with call break bridging. The power supply for the optical and acoustic signals is fed from the 230 V mains.

The device is a very compact unit comprising power supply, telephone connection, strobe light, amplifier and loudspeaker. The base is made of seawater- proof cast aluminium and coated in plastic. The loudspeaker is made of impact and cold-resistant plastic and is mounted firmly on the housing. The cap of the strobe light forms the housing cover and is made of polycarbonate.

• Acoustic signal: Loud multitone bell

• Triggered by build-in telephone relay

• Expl.protection: II 2 G EEx [ib] em IIC T 6

• Optical signal: Powerful strobe light

• Protection degree: IP 66

• Temperature range: -20°C up to +50°C

• Volume: 90 dB(A)

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