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ExResistTel, m/display og tastatur. Sort

ATEX industritelefon, IP66

Varenr: 11286101
Alt. varenr: 6400015
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EX ResistTel - ATEX approved Outdoor Telephone, Black

Communication devices for use in hazardous areas in the industry both onshore and offshore, have to be especially well adapted to the extreme operating conditions they will be exposed to. Our Ex-telephone Ex-ResistTel has been developed for operation in the petrochemicalindustry, on- and offshore plants, in mills and harbours, which means it is resistant to large temrature differences, air humidity, sea water, dust and strong mechanical wear and tear.
It is certified for use in hazardous dust and gas atmospheres. The Ex-ResistTel is completely programmable, and has been equipped with a 21-piece stainless (V4A) steel keypad designed for use with gloves. Letters and figures are presented clearly on the alphanumerical display. The Ex-ResistTel also boasts all the convenient features that have become standard in the field of office communication. A string of optional extras and components – especially certified for hazardous areas – makes our telephone even more functional. Ex-ResistTel is the correct decision for a safe connection – convenient and reliable in hazardous areas.

  • Housing Glass fibre reinforced polyester
  • Standard analog telephone
  • 2 lines diaplay and keypad
  • Certified for dust (21, 22) and gas (1, 2) atmospheres
  • Protection degree IP 66
  • Handsfree operation
  • Impact protection IK 09
  • Integrated adjustable stabilizer bracket
  • Operations temperature -25°C to +60°C
  • Receiver volume can be boosted in 7 steps from 0 –12 dB(A)
  • Sound pressure level approx. 90 dB(A)
  • Stainless steel (V4A) keypad
  • Steel armoured handset cord with snap-protection
  • Telephone directory
  • Types of protection:
    II 2 G EEx em[ib] IIC T5
    II 2 D IP66 T100°C

    II 2 G EEx em[ib] IIC T6
    II 2 D IP66 T80°C

  • Headset Set
  • Display and keypad
  • Additional Earpiece set
  • Loudspeaker set
  • Version with keypad and display
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