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Meinberg LANTIME M300/PZF, 19" rack

DCF77 antenne og 10m RG58 kabel, DHQ

Varenr: M300/PZF/DHQ
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Meinberg LANTIME M300/PZF
Network Time Server (NTP) with integrated DCF77 receiver/radio clock
The LANTIME/M300 PZF Network Time Server combines a DCF77 based radio clock with an embedded Linux computer.
The GNU/Linux operating system of the LANTIMEs SBC (Single Board Computer) has been optimized to ensure a high level of security and reliability.
A large display shows the state of the internal PZF receiver and the NTP subsystem.
The configuration of the system can be done by using a standard web browser to access the extensive but straightforward html interface. Alternatively a text based and menu driven setup utility can be started from the shell prompt after logging into the unit via Telnet or SSH.
The security-related features of LANTIME time servers satisfy highest demands. The time synchronization data can be reliably signed and secured by symmetric keys (MD5) and the NTP autokey procedures. This protects the clients against manipulated time and man-in-the-middle attacks and allows them to verify that the NTP packets they received were send by the LANTIME. Additionally the whole LANTIME configuration can be done by using encrypted channels (e.g. SSH, HTTPS or SNMPv3). Every unused/unneeded protocol can be disabled in order to reduce possible points of attack.
In order to support network management systems the LANTIME time servers offer an extensive SNMP interface, which can be accessed by SNMP V1, V2.c and V3. It allows the monitoring of all relevant system parameters (including operating system parameters, network interface statistics, detailed PZF and NTP status information as well as the complete system configuration) and can be used to alter the LANTIME configuration via SNMP set commands, too.
LANTIME time servers are designed to be deployed in IPv6 networks, the NTP time synchronization as well as the configuration interfaces (Web-based, SSH and SNMP) comes with IPv6 support. You can assign several IPv6 addresses and the system supports automatic configuration by IPv6 autoconf.
Because of its modular system architecture it is possible to equip a LANTIME time server with up to three additional ethernet ports and a number of different reference time sources. Optionally several additional frequency-, serial string- and pulse outputs are available and by combining two (even different) time sources and redundant power supplies, high-availability systems are no problem. Besides that two oscillators ensure fantastic holdover characteristics (e.g. when the DCF77 signal is disturbed or jammed): the reliable temperature controlled base model (TCXO) and the excellent oven controlled OCXO--LQ.
Delivered with the following inputs/outputs:
- 2 x LAN interface, RJ45 connector, status LEDs for Link, Activity, Speed (10/100 MBit)
- 1 x RS232 interface in front panel, 9pin D-Sub male connector for VT100 terminal
- 1 x RS232 interface, independent, 9pin D-Sub female connector
- 1 x RS232 interface, TXD parallel, 9pin D-Sub female connector
- 1 x USB (Rev. 1.1) connector in front panel
- 1 x alarm relay output, changeover contact, 3pin DFK connector
- LC display, 40 character x 2 rows
- 4 x status LEDs
- 1 x pulse per second, TTL into 50 ohm, pulse duration 200 msec, active high, female BNC connector
- 1 x standard frequency 10 MHz, TTL into 50 ohm, female BNC connector
SNMPv1,2,3, SNMP Trap, SSH2, IPv6, DHCP, HTTP(S), eMail, FTP, Telnet, Syslog
- power supply SD-25C-5, 36-72VDC
- metal 19" modular chassis, 1U/84HP, slimline (482mm wide x 43mm high x 288mm deep)
The system will be delivered with a DCF77 outdoor antenna, mounting kit and 10m RG58 coax cable.
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