Media Converter 100BaseTX/FX MM (SC)

Standalone, Multimode, Just Convert It

Varenr: M/E-TX-FX-01(SC)
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  • Auto-Negotiation (802.3u)
  • Allows devices to perform automatic configuration to achieve the best possible mode of operation over a link.
  • AutoCross™
  • Automatically detects and configures the twisted pair port on the converter to the correct MDI or MDI-X configuration.
  • Far End Fault (FEF)
    A troubleshooting feature that is generally used in conjunction with Link Pass Through to notify both end devices of a loss of link.
  • Automatic Link Restoration
    Transition Networks's converters will automatically re-establish link in all network conditions.
  • Interoperable with other 100Base-TX/FX NICs, hubs, or switches
  • Supports Jumbo Frames up to 9016bytes

Standards  IEEE Std. 802.3u, 100Base-TX and 100Base-FX

  • Status LEDs  PWR (Power) below RJ-45: On = Power FX-Link/Act (Fiber Link / Activity) Upper Left on RJ-45: On = link, Flashing = Activity TX-Link/Act (Copper Link / Activity) Upper Right on RJ-45: On = link, Flashing = Activity
  • Dimensions Width 1.8” (46mm)
    Depth 3.3” (85mm)
    Height 0.85 (22mm)
  • Power Consumption  2.6 watt
  • Power Sources  External AC/DC required; +12VDC, 0.5A
  • Power Input  7.5VDC to 13.9VDC
  • Environment  Storage Temp : -15 to +65 degrees C
    Operating Temp: 0 to +50 degrees C
    Altitude: 0 – 10,000 feet
    Humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing
  • Shipping Weight  2 lbs. (0.90 kg)
  • Safety Compliance  Wall Mount Power Supply, UL Listed, C-UL Listed (Canada)
  • Regulatory Compliance  FCC Class A, CISPR22 / EN55022 Class A, EN55024, CE Mark
  • Warranty  Lifetime
Teknisk info


Produsent Transition Networks

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