VisuNet GXP Remote Monitor 19'' 230V


Varenr: 307485-100089
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Modular design: quick and easy assembly and disassembly of the computer, display, and power supply in the field.

Absolute lightest: innovative design brings the world’s lightest RM into Zone 1/21 life science applications.

Easy cleaning: tailored to meet GMP requirements in hazardous areas; particularly beneficial for pharmaceutical and fine chemical applications.

Unique display: full HD, 16:9, optically bonded, ten-point, multitouch display increases picture quality, safety, and user-friendliness.

Innovative firmware: combined with RM Shell 5 in a cost-effective thin-client solution for the life science industry.

Smart solution: harnesses the power of Industry 4.0 for the process industry in Zone 1/21.


The new VisuNet GXP remote monitor from Pepperl+Fuchs brings innovative features to hazardous areas with a compact, modular design that allows for easy setup and maintenance. But the GXP is much more: it is also a pioneer for human-machine interfaces that makes optimal use of the opportunities that Industry 4.0 has to offer.

The new display unit in 5:4 format features a space-saving design and is compatible with the predecessor product line, VisuNet EX1. This allows easy retrofitting of installations, and existing keyboards or barcode readers will fit perfectly—just one example of how VisuNet GXP components are a safe investment.


With the PC version of the VisuNet GXP, Pepperl+Fuchs has added a new computing unit to its modular HMI system. The solution offers an Intel® quad-core processor and an open Microsoft® Windows® operating system. This allows users to install individual software packages such as SCADA to visualize applications in hazardous areas. A variety of serial interface options, including RS-232, RS-485, and Ethernet, enable direct communication with the control panel from the hazardous area.

In addition to the new RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces, a redundant Ethernet option is also available. It allows redundant network structures to be set up and sustainably increases the availability of the monitors. The true highlight is the new fiber-optic interface, which is certified according to the latest optical intrinsic safety standards. It allows the monitor to be connected to a standard fiber-optic switch that only has to meet the requirements of laser class 1. Ex op is approval is no longer necessary, which translates to a considerable reduction in infrastructure costs.


The power supply is one of the main features of the modular VisuNet GXP. This high-performance unit brings additional flexibility with AC and DC options for a wide range of application requirements. This adaptable power supply is suitable for wall mounting, and it can also be installed directly in the housing or mounted on the thin-client unit (TCU).

The VisuNet GXP boasts a superslim, space-saving keyboard and housing that are designed according to GMP directives and constructed to be mechanically robust in clean rooms and hygienic environments. Sleek and smooth, the housing prevents any accumulation of liquids, dirt, or bacteria and resists high pressure and temperature, heavy wash downs, steam jets, and cleaning chemicals.


Unlike other Zone 1/21 solutions that are bulky and heavy, the GXP is the lightest in the industry—under 25 kg. This enables easier mounting in different applications with no need for a costly, heavy-duty pedestal. This means it can be installed by only one person, allowing faster and more economical commissioning.

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