Guide Sensmart, NC200

Thermal camera, 256x192 px

Varenr: NC200
Guide Sensmart, NC200 Thermal camera, 256x192 px Guide Sensmart, NC200 Thermal camera, 256x192 px

NC200 Thermal Imaging Camera

NC200 is developed based on 256x192 wafer infrared module, which integrates an infrared thermal imager and a visible light camera. Small size, breaking through installation restrictions in narrow spaces, and flexible in deployment. Provide continuous temperature data collection, analysis and alarm for the uninterrupted state monitoring of key electromechanical equipment.

• Adopts 256x192 Uncooled Vox Infrared Detector.
• HD 1/2.7 Inch CMOS, Resolution 1920x1080
• Web-side control, No need other APP or software to set the parameters
• Unified interface, compatible with Ethernet/IP standard protocol, which is conducive to networking
• Support real-time temperature measurement analysis, historical information query and export CSV report
• IP67 encapsulation, Dustproof and waterproof. Durable and stable
• Installation methods: Hoisting/Vertical Mounting/Wall Mounting/Tripod Mounting/Magnetic etc.


  • 256x192IR resolution
  • =45mK@30?NETD
  • -20?~550?Temp. Range
  • IP67Encapsulation