Chalmit Solas 62W, 6057 lm

Zone 1, Ex d e, M25

Varenr: SOLD/034/LE/M25
Alt. varenr: 3232410
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SOLAS is a new generation of LED luminaire. Using ultra bright LEDs, it produces a whiter more focused light that an equivalent 70W HPS lamp. Available with a self contained battery, it can also be used for backup emergency lighting.

  • Ex e terminal chamber.
  • No re-lamping required -over 60,000 hours continuous operation.
  • Low ambient temperatures.
  • Non-maintained or Maintained modes.
  • Output of over 4000 lumens comparable with 70W HPS floodlight.
  • Emergency Inhibition.




ATEX ClassificationGroup II Category GD
ApplicationZone 1 and 2
Battery TypeInternal 6V Ni-Cad Battery (4 Ah) - 18W; 6V (7Ah) - 36W.
Lamp Type34 x high power LEDs.
Light Distribution90 minutes (100% output) (standard).
MaterialAluminium alloy LM6.
Operating Temparature Range Celcius-55°C to +55°C



Certifications and Compliance

Certified Listed
  • ATEX
  • NEC
  • EAC
  • IEC
  • IP66
  • IP67
Hazardous Rating(s)Zone 1 & 2
Industry Standard(s)
  • EN 60079-10
  • EN 60079-14
Teknisk info


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