Chalmit Protecta X Emergency 05L 38.5W


Varenr: PRXB/05L/LE/EM-2
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Protecta X

by Chalmit Lightning

Product Details

ATEX Classification Group II Category 2 GD
Application Zone 1 and 21 areas to EN 60079-10-1 and EN 60079-10-2
  • EU Type Examination Certificate: CML18ATEX3358X
  • IECEx Certificate of Conformity: IECEx CML 18.0167X
Coding Ex db eb mb op is IIC T4 Gb, Ex mb op is tb IIIC T85°C Db IP6X.
Enclosure Marine grade aluminium body with polycarbonate diffuser. Driver enclosure with epoxy powder finish (RAL 9005)
Geartray Aluminium
Entry 4 x M20 cable entries - 2 at each end [3 cable entries on Emergency with battery stick]
Termination 3 core 4mm² max conductor [4 core on Emergency] with looping one end and 16A rating through wiring
Installation 2 x M8 mounting points located on the rear of the body
Control Gear Electronic Driver
Colour Temperature (CCT) 5000K (Cool White)
Colour Rendering Index (Ra) >70
Maintenance) Front access panel with Torx screws
LED Lifetime @ 60°C Ambient L70 > 200,000hrs
Maintenance Free Lifetime @ Ambient 120,000hrs @ 25°C; 90,000hrs @ 60°C
Battery Swappable Ni-MH (6V) battery stick [Emergency version only]
Emergency Duration 90 mins (25% output)
Ingress Protection IP66/67 to EN 60529
Surge Protection 4kV
Electrical Supply
  • 110-277V AC, 50/60Hz
  • 127-250V DC

Std. Cat No. Delivered Output Power Consumption Tclass T°C(Dust) Ambient °C Weight
PRXB/02L/LE 2600 lm 16W T4 85 -40 to +60 7.1kg
PRXB/05L/LE 5200 lm 36W T4 85 -40 to +60 9.1kg
PRXB/02L/LE/EM 2600 lm 18.5W T4 85 -25 to +60 7.6kg
PRXB/05L/LE/EM 5200 lm 38.5W T4 85 -25 to +60 9.6kg

Options - Suffix to Catalogue No.
/M25 M25 cable entries /3H 3 hour battery duration (12.5% output)
/LBE Looping both sides [Non Emergency only] /4K 4000K (Neutral White) LED Strips
/EL Extra live termination facility
((to match emergency circuit)
/SC Screwed connection terminal block(up to 6mm² conductors)
/EMI Internal battery pack [replace /EM with /EMI] /BNI atteries not included [Emergency version only
/NST Non Self Test [Emergency version only] /DM DALI Dimmable driver
/ASL Asymmetric along Length /M Medium Beam
/ASW Asymmetric along Width [05L version only /BP Zinc plated brass plugs

Accessories - order separately
Pole mounting bracket assembly (38-42mm diameter poles) SPOL4-100001
Pole mounting bracket assembly (48-52mm diameter poles) SPOL4-100002
Pole mounting bracket assembly (58-62mm diameter poles) SPOL4-100003
Hook type ceiling bracket assembly SPRO4-0005
Flush mounted wall bracket assembly SPRO4-0006
Ceiling bracket assembly SPRO4-0002
Standard wall mounting outreach bracket (use with SPOL4-100001) NPRO4-0008
Eyebolt mounting assembly SPRO5-0005

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